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Our Story


From Side Hustle to Thriving Company: Our Journey of Resilience

At Combat Cleaning, our story is one of resilience and transformation. Founded by our C.E.O a US Navy Veteran amidst the challenges of Covid-19, what began as a temporary side hustle after unexpectedly being laid off quickly evolved into a thriving commercial cleaning company.

Driven by a strong work ethic and a desire to make a positive impact, our founder and their small team delivered exceptional cleaning services. Word of our meticulous work and unwavering professionalism spread, earning us a reputation for excellence.

Embracing every challenge as an opportunity to grow, we expanded our team and honed our expertise across diverse industries. Today, we stand as a trusted provider of tailored cleaning solutions, catering to unique client needs.

Our success is a testament to the values instilled in us as veterans: teamwork, integrity, and service. With transparent communication and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we go above and beyond to exceed expectations.

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